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A Record Number of FBI Gun Background Checks Completed as Holiday Gun Sales Soar
December 16, 2016

Following the November election, gun sales in America are still at an all-time high. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Instant Background Check System (NICS) processed more background checks for gun transactions on Black Friday than on any single day since the system launched nearly twenty years ago. A total of 185,713 NICS searches were conducted on Black Friday in … Read More>

Can A Criminal Record Get You Deported?
November 9, 2016

Without question, one of the most heated issues in the 2016 election was immigration.  As the winner of the 2016 election, Trump’s controversial views on immigration have become strikingly more important over the last 24 hours.  At the outset of Mr. Trump’s campaign he made headlines by characterizing Mexicans immigrating to the United States as drug dealers, criminals, and “rapists”. … Read More>

What is the California Proposition 64 Initiative?
November 3, 2016

Since it has passed, Proposition 64 has made marijuana legalization in California legal. The initiative on the November 8 ballot asked residents to decide how much cannabis Californians should be allowed to carry, whether they should be able to grow it in their homes and what, if any, penalties consumers should face going forward. Prop. 64 also ends most marijuana arrests and … Read More>

How a Recruiter Can Place a Candidate with a Criminal Record
November 3, 2016

Recruiting is not always the easiest job.  Recruiters are constantly looking for the right applicant for the right job and the timing needs to be perfect.  Many salespeople and executives are often contacted (maybe 1x per quarter) from recruiters.  And we have to hand it to recruiters – they are a polished bunch of people – always networking and trying to … Read More>

California Firearm Rights Restoration
Federal Appeals Court Limits the Government’s Ability to Strip your Gun Rights
October 28, 2016

Federal law bans gun possession by felons, who are defined as people convicted of any “crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.” There is an exception for misdemeanor state crimes, that are “punishable by a term of imprisonment of two years or less.” The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in a recent decision has ruled that it … Read More>

How Can I Get my Criminal Record Expunged Without a Lawyer?
October 24, 2016

Criminal record expungements are a legal process. But like all legal processes, any citizen could technically do it themselves. Pro se legal representation is the term used for those who choose to advocate on one’s behalf before a court, rather than being represented by a lawyer. This may occur in any court proceeding, whether it be defending oneself in a … Read More>

Buyer Beware: Mistakes Enforcing an Expungement Could Cost You a Job!
October 14, 2016

Not All Background Checks Are Created Equally Big data means big business, and background check companies are cashing in. Over $2 billion dollars were spent last year on background checks in the U.S. alone. The background check industry has flourished because most employers and landlords require background checks to obtain employment or housing.  However, not all background check companies are created … Read More>

State University of New York Removes Big Question from Student Application
October 10, 2016

STEP FORWARD FOR SCHOOLS, BUT WHAT ABOUT A JOB AFTERWARDS?The trustees of the State University of New York voted mid-September to eliminate questions about past felony convictions from its general application starting with the fall 2018 admissions cycle. After admission, students will only be asked to reveal a prior conviction if they are seeking on-campus housing, studying abroad or looking … Read More>

California Ends Statute of Limitations for Rape
October 3, 2016

The high-profile allegations that Bill Cosby raped a series of women from the 1970s to present has inspired the California state legislature to remove the statute of limitations for the crime of rape. Previously, California state law prevents prosecution of a felony sexual offense if the sexual offense in question occurred 10 or more years previous. The bill, entitled, SB … Read More>

Fighting Crime With Job Training
September 25, 2016

A number of state programs which provide job training for incarcerated individuals have been selected for federal funding. One of the final initiatives of the Obama administration, the programs work closely with individuals close to being released by preparing them for eventual employment before they are actually released. Additionally, employees of the Linking to Employment Activities programs work closely with … Read More>